The Division of Fire Prevention program would like to let the public know that Sunday, June 30, 2019 was the last day to burn your yard debris and trimmings on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  CS&KT Division of Fire would like to extend a large “Thank You” to the residents of the Flathead Reservation who have been careful when burning debris piles this spring. Fire crews have responded to only a handful of burning debris piles this spring. The good news: green grass slowed the spread of those unattended fires and kept the fires at a manageable size for responding crews. A common denominator in most wildfires that are caused by debris burning is the fact that the pile was lit and left unattended while heat still remained in the pile.


Open debris burning begins again October 1, 2019.  To apply for a burn permit, go to    Any questions call C.T. Camel at the Division of Fire, 676-2550.